About ABC Conference


The Afrikan Black Coalition Conference is an annual conference hosted at one of our partner schools during or near Black History Month. The ABC Conference now serves over 800 Afrikan/Black students across the State of California. Since its inaugural year in 2003, the forum has continued to be used to address social and political issues facing the community through peer and professional workshops, keynote speakers, and social activities. After being held at every UC campus and following the induction of CSU partners, California State University, Long Beach was the first CSU campus to host the conference, which was held in January 2017 during Martin Luther King Jr. weekend.

This conference seeks to unify Afrikan/Black students across the state in order to discuss and resolve issues concerning academic policy, campus climate, matriculation from the University, and political education. By bringing together Black Student Unions and Afrikan Student Unions statewide, ABC presents the opportunity for unity in spite of geographical boundaries. Additionally, each conference incorporates a focus on collective imagining for the organization, building student organizational skills, developing pathways for life after college, and connecting students to the larger Afrikan/Black struggle.

As one of the only statewide conferences for Afrikan/Black students, the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference is a vital tool in promoting networking amongst peers, owning our narrative of positivity and resilience, inspiring innovation in a system that honors hard facts and calculation, and providing an environment where the Afrikan/Black cultural experience is valued. Without doubt, the ABC Conference is one of the most rewarding experiences Afrikan/Black students have during their collegiate years.

Conference History 


❖    2004 - UCSC

❖    2005 - UCSD 

❖    2006 - UCD

❖    2007 - UCSB

❖    2008 - UCI

❖    2009 - UCM

❖    2010 - UCR

❖    2011 - UCLA

❖    2012 - UCB: Accepting the torch: Reigniting the Flame

❖    2013 - UCSD: ABC X (10 year anniversary)  

❖    2014 - UCSC 

❖    2015 - UCI: Reimagining Black Activism 

❖    2016 - UCSB: Planting the seeds of our Future, Defining our Next Steps

❖    2017 - CSULB: Reviving Our Black Nation

❖    2018 - SFSU: Collective Black Intersectional Action 

❖    2019 - UCM: Black to the Future: Black Nationalism for Black Millennials

❖    2020 - CSUF: The Marathon: Journey to Black Liberation


17th Annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference

Friday, January 17, 2020 – Monday, January 20, 2020


This year’s theme of the 17th annual Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) conference is The Marathon: Journey to Black Liberation in honor of Ermias “Nispey Hussle” Asghedom and will be held on the campus of California State University, Fullerton.


Registration Fees (Per Delegate) | Registration by Dec 13th

Member Campus Delegate* $60.00

Non-Member Campus Delegate $65.00

Alumni Delegate $60.00

*Member campuses include: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, UC San Diego, CSU San Francisco, CSU Sonoma, CSU Fullerton, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Long Beach, CSU San Bernardino, CSU Dominguez Hills, CSU Pomona*



  1. Delegation leads complete Finalized Delegation sheet by November 30th. (Notify if extension needed)

  2. All conference attendees must complete our Black Power Writing Prompt no later than December 4, 2019 by 11:59p.m.

  3. Please visit this link for sample formatting template on our 2k20 Black Power writing prompt.

  4. Submit all writing prompts here. (*Must sign-in to a GMAIL account in order to access the submission form*) by December 4, 2019 at 11:59pm.

  5. Reserve your delegation's hotel rooms and notify Erin (eswift@ucmerced.edu) immediately by email. Include all information provided by the hotel reservation team. The final day to make reservations and submit hotel payments is December 20th.

  6. Tickets for conference MUST be purchased by December 13th. (Notify if extension needed)



 We highly recommend that each campus host mandatory orientation sessions prior to attending conference, informing delegates of useful information. This time is very important to make sure your delegation is on the same page, aware of all expectations, and well-bonded prior to departure.

Orientation should include:

❏   Partying is encouraged, but be on time for business; The revolution will not be televised.

❏   Review ABC’s 10-Point Plan

❏   The need to take care of all spaces we utilize - hotel, lecture halls, etc.

❏   Direct comments, questions, or concerns to delegation leaders, volunteers, committee members, or ABC Staff - as opposed to hotel attendants, campus officials, etc.

❏   Have everyone sign participation waivers, consistent with your campus guidelines.

❏   Discuss conference theme and meaning: The Marathon: A Journey to Black Liberation.

 Campus Chant


It is tradition that each campus prepare a DOPE chant to represent their campus during roll call and participate in random outbursts of Black pride, campus spirit, chant competitions, etc. This year instead of a chant to rep your campus, we want each campus to make a chant channelled around the theme of Blackness. Whether you choose to chant about Black figureheads, Black achievements, or Black issues, we’re ready to listen. 

Please remember to keep all chants to a 1 minute maximum. After 1 minute, we will move onto the next chant.  

ABC Conference Bid 

Information on how to submit a bid to host ABC Conference 2021 will be released in late November. The ABC Conference Bid process is facilitated by the Central Committee.


Important Deadlines

  • December 20th:

    • Deadline to book with assigned hotel


        • (Contact if extension is needed)



  • James Leassear, Graduate Advisor

  • Nonzenzele Aldonza, ABC Conference Liaison

  • Austin Murrell, Black Student Union Representative

  • Jacob Howard, Co-Chair

  • Amber Lambert, Co-Chair

  • Deja Sturges, Vice Chair

  • Eugene Pettiford, Logistics Co-Chair

  • Sydni Washington, Logistics Co-Chair

  • Deborah Ochei, Speakers & Entertainment

  • Asia Scott, Speakers & Entertainment

  • Adolph Masua, Political & Inclusion Chair

  • Monga Mokwala, Communications Chair

  • Kya Nichols, Volunteers Chair

  • Shaniah Bland, Facilities Chair

  • Tessa White, Workshop Chair