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Organizing students to achieve ultimate liberation. 


Transforming mobilization into organization.


Leadership Development

The condition of the Afrikan/Black community demonstrates the need for bold, innovative leadership. There are few national, or local efforts specifically aimed toward building the next generation of Afrikan/Black leaders. We seek to transform the condition of the Afrikan/Black community through building infrastructure that can build our ideal leadership nationally and locally.

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Black Community Programs

ABC’s success is measured by our ability to tangibly impact the lived experiences of Afrikan/Black people both at home and abroad. We have a series of community engagement activities that seek to funnel the intellectual and economic resources of the Afrikan/Black Intelligentsia back into the larger Afrikan/Black community.

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The constant barrage of racially charged issues continues to lack the level of youthful engagement necessary to successfully change public opinion. The leadership development apparatus that the Afrikan Black Coalition provides are the tools necessary for effective grassroots organizing.

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ABC Conference

The ABC conference seeks to unify Afrikan/Black students across the state in order to discuss and resolve issues concerning academic policy, campus climate, matriculation from the University, and political education. We provide the opportunity for unity in spite of geographical boundaries.

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