4 Reasons I’ll be in Washington on 10.10.15

4 Reasons I’ll be in Washington on 10.10.15

by Salih Muhammad

It is imperative to recognize that we are in a war. All of us are not AT war, but we are indeed in the midst of one.This war is multi-layered and complex. It is a war waged in the backdrop of extreme deception, lying, chicanery, and misinformation. This war begins in the mind but it indeed has physical elements.

The oppressive systems that reign terror on Black life in the United States of America are actually plaguing the entire World. We can visit Azania, South Africa, the land of the Great Steve Biko, where Whites currently make up 8.5% of the population yet own 80% of the land and 90% of the economy. In Ethiopia, the birthplace of the great Black Humanity, and the only country never to be colonized by the enemy – 60% of its national budget comes from the United Snakes of America. In Africa, 14 separate Nations are currently PAYING REPARATIONS to FRANCE for their Freedom. Yes, you read that correctly. Ultimately, something has to give. We must either Live Free or Die Trying. Here’s my 4 reasons for being in D.C. this October:

  1. Independently Funded: Too many of our marches, demonstrations, and activities are sponsored by (insert name of some corrupt entity) corporation. Not this time. For more history, look into the funding of the 1963 March on Washington. You can donate $1, $5, or $10 here.

  2. It is on time: What better call to make that Justice OR Else? We’ve called for Justice for 40 years. It seems right time to declare Justice Or Else, which completely fits within the Black Radical Tradition.

  3. Tried and True Leadership: The Leadership surrounding this movement (i.e. Min. Farrakhan) is 62 years, tried and true. Unlike most, in spite of disagreements, we KNOW there won’t be any selling out or back room deals.

  4. The reframing of Dr. King: Many of us have only been acquainted with the “I have a Dream” Dr. King. Well, this movement and its promotional material begins the process of reorienting us to the TRUE Dr. King who stated, “I fear we are integrating our people into a burning house.”

How many more examples of police brutality do we need? How many more examples of American colonialism, rape, murder, thievery, and lying do we need? I hope to meet you in D.C. for the beginning of the end of the wickedness. #JusticeOrElse.

Afrikan Black Coalition