Black Student Union at UCSC Issues Demands


In addition to demonstrations initiated and acted out by the Afrikan Black community here at UC Santa Cruz, we as a community have created a list of demands that we want to be met in the next 4 months. This campus has been a perpetual source of discomfort and is an unwelcoming environment for a large population of Black students. This campus has been unwilling to address racism and in addition to that has an administration that participates in fueling this environment. The email sent from the chancellor’s office addressing anti-Semitism on campus was a prime example of this perpetuation.  To address the racist climate of this university, we want to see these demands met by Spring Quarter.

 We are well aware that last year the Black Experience Team or BET was created out of a climate of Black students feeling uncomfortable and not welcomed on this campus and this has not changed. We have had discussions with our community and we share the sentiment that there is more that this university can do to recruit, retain, and embrace Black students. Below, we have listed the demands that we want met this academic year.

Our Demands:

  • We demand a 1.5% increase in Black male admissions of all admitted students every year

  • We demand a 2% increase in Black student representation than the current representation of Black students for the 2016-2017 academic year

  • We demand the creation of a Department of Black Studies

  • We demand more scholarships for Black students in the annual amount of $1.5 million for the span of 5 years

  • We demand more funding for undocumented students

  • We demand more funding for EOP

  • We demand the hiring of more Black students in campus jobs

  • We demand a 48 hour response to anti-Black hate crimes

  • We demand a competency education for all students about the issues pertaining to Black Queer students.

  • We demand a permanent increased funding for the AARC in the amount of $1.5 million

  • We demand a response from Chancellor Blumenthal by Dec. 14th, 2015 no later than 5pm.