Oakland Family Needs Help to Avoid Eviction

A message from Wazi Davis:

Hey fam,
If there were ever a time I needed the hive to come through, it is right now. Two of the students I work with at Life Academy High School are at risk of being evicted from their home. Their landlord threatened to evict them if they don't raise at least $1000 by tomorrow. Mom has been struggling with unemployment and has reached out to several places for help but hasn't heard back much.

I've seen us work miracles before with raising money for jail support and travel for conferences so I have high hopes that we can help this Oakland family. Please help however you can by donating and/or sharing this fundraiser with your networks today!
Additionally, any resources you have for jobs or help for families in this sort of situation would be much appreciated as well. I am connecting more with the mother today and will share with her any resources/support you have.