Afrikan Black Coalition is in Solidarity With #ConcernedStudent1950

Dear comrades,

First, we extend to you our revolutionary greetings from the streets of Amerikkka.

We write to express our strongest solidarity as you wage this rightful struggle. The Afrikan Black Coalition is the largest statewide organization of Black students in California, and we would like to start off by saying that we applaud and are truly inspired by the actions that you all have bravely taken. We understand and completely relate to the courage that it took to peacefully protest on an eventful and historically praised day such as Homecoming. We also applaud every action you have taken since that protest, including the hunger strike and Black athletes boycotting the athletic field. Through protest, you have removed your president and chancellor. We applaud your efforts, and offer our deepest solidarity as we know that the war is not over. The Afrikan Black Coalition has your back in this revolutionary struggle!

On the west coast, we too have faced challenges and were ignored as we tried to educate our peers of what the Black experience is like at our university and reiterate the OBVIOUS fact that BLACKLIVESMATTER.We also know what it feels like to be completely disrespected and ignored for months on end when demands are requested of your Dean/ President for the betterment of your community. However, we know the power of direct action to get what we DEMAND as many of our campuses in our coalition have successfully implemented institutional changes to better Black life on campus. Because we know the struggle we want to offer our hand in solidarity with your team and support #ConcernedStudent1950 and send our best wishes to all of your participants that may have been wrongfully hurt while trying to create change for their Black community.

The Afrikan Black Coalition does not tolerate violence against our people in any way shape or form. We will not continue to allow white people of power to continue to throw tantrums and abuse their educational power to continue to satisfy white supremacy deeds. From here on out Black people will be heard and respected when we speak out and demand our right to life and racial justice at our campuses. With that being said this is an official statement of solidarity between the Afrikan Black Coalition and the Concerned Student 1950 movement. We fully back the hashtag #ConcernedStudent1950 and will provide whatever we can to ensure that our Black community at the University of Missouri is heard and granted its rights and demands of racial justice on the campus. We are reminded that Black unity is Black Power!

Power to the people and #ConcernedStudent1950!


Afrikan Black Coalition