Black Student Union at UCSB is in Solidarity With Black Students at Mizzou

Statement in Solidarity with Black Students at Mizzou

Better shine a light while we got time because our children are watching and they got bags under their eyes /

better shine a light because they doin’ it all in broad daylight and tryin’ to hide

  • Cheeraz Gormon

In lieu of recent events at the University of Missouri, Black students at the University of California, Santa Barbara feel it necessary to express our solidarity.

First and foremost, we commend our brothers and sisters of Concerned Students 1950 for their clear analysis, strategic approach, and relentless activism.

Your movement demonstrates to the entire nation the power of Black unity, resiliency, and resistance in the face of vile hatred.

Black Students of Mizzou, we see your fight intimately linked to our own. Your resistance radiates light in this time of darkness.

With that being said, we understand the repercussions of challenging and exposing white supremacy, such as the cowardice yik-yak threats of violence on Black bodies.

While we would hope that school administrators take necessary precautions to upkeep the safety of Black students on their campus, we must also hold ALL institutions of higher education accountable for reproducing such racist narratives and sentiments.

Thus,  we express our commitment to amplifying silenced Black voices in predominately white institutions and furthermore we express our commitment to the protection of Black bodies on and off campus.

With this in mind, we abide by the philosophies of our mentor, Brother Malcolm X:

“...Respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.”

In strength and in struggle,

UCSB Black Student Union

Afrikan Black Coalition