Black Student Union is in Solidarity with #ConcernedStudent1950



Black Student Union is in Solidarity with #ConcernedStudent1950

The Black Student Union at UC Berkeley is in solidarity with Black students, faculty, and staff at Missouri. Today, November 18th we take to the streets to show and demonstrate that all Black Lives Matter, from the hood to the classroom, we as Black people are united. Today and everyday we are reminded that Black life is of no value to white America. Klu Klux Klan sympathizers made threats to Black students at Berkeley High, and the same threats are happening towards Black students as Mizzou.  Even at a school known for it’s progressive movements, Black students at Cal still face racial injustices while Black lives are constantly jeopardized. These injustices include microaggressions, racially hostile learning environments,  the consistent silencing of Black voices, and buildings named after slave owning racists such as LeConte Hall.

The educational system does nothing to provide help, show solidarity, or act upon it. Therefore, it is our duty to combat these oppressive forces by speaking our truths and bringing to light the systematic marginalization of Black students across the nation.  We will fight back against oppressive systems and we will win!

In struggle,

The Black Student Union at UC Berkeley.