Black Student Union at SFSU: Solidarity with Black Students at Mizzou


Statement of Solidarity 

It is not often that we as a community can watch history unravel and repeat itself in front of us as it has in Mizzou; and it is even less common that we are given an opportunity to directly affect the course of history. The events at the University of Missouri are a reminder that we have not left an age of institutional racism. Even more apparent is the blatant bigotry that is safeguarded by incompetent public officials; which is a reminder of the circumstances in which we have to operate under as Black Students. It is also a reminder that we have the power as a collective to determine our fate, and enact change. 

We the collective will stand up and show our brothers and sisters at Mizzou and around the country that we support them in OUR shared fight for self determination and liberation from this racist system. It is within our capacity as Students, more so as Black students to stand and fight for what we know is right. We cannot turn a blind eye or stay silent as many media outlets or groups do when issues of racism arise within the modern academic institution. We must mobilize, organize and address issues within our communities.  

The battle will not stop at Mizzou as it did not stop here at San Francisco State in 1969 when the Third World Liberation Front, and Black Student Union ended one of the nation's longest campus strikes fighting against institutional racism.  

Our struggle, our blood, our battle will not be swept under the rug, it will not be a forgotten hashtag. Our fight is one of liberation, an undying flame which will grow to burn all who try to extinguish it. We are scholars, we are fighters, we are the means of liberation for our communities.  

         Our Demands

  1. Increase of enrollment and retention of Black students, Increase of Black faculty and faculty with tenure.

  2. Mandatory racial sensitivity training for all incoming employees, faculty of San Francisco State University including UPD.

  3. Increase support and funding for College of Ethnic Studies and Ethnic Organizations.

  4. Expansion of Multi Cultural Center and addition of a retention center into The Mashouf Wellness Center.

  5. Afrocentric residential floor for Black students to address unrealistic housing fees on and around campus.

San Francisco State